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3. Roma Life Stories

3.1 Story 1 - Alexandru Silaghi

3-1 Alexandru_Silaghi.jpg

Born in 1960, Alexandru Silaghi grew up in Surduc, a small village in Romania (Transylvania). He remembers his grandfather’s harrowing stories about the Second World War. Alexandru recalls his experience of living under Communism and after its collapse, and the impact it had on the Roma community.

3.2 Story 2 - Elzbieta Glowacka

3-2 Elzbieta Glowacka.jpg

Elzbieta is a Polish Roma woman from Mazowieckie County. Her Roma name is Jaruska. As a child, she travelled in a caravan and lived in forests. Her family survived the Second World War. 
After she got married she had 9 children and at the age of 64 she moved to the UK and finds life easier here.

3.3 Story 3 - Rozalia Glowacka

3-3 Rozalia_Glowacka.jpg

Rozalia is a Polish Roma woman, her Roma name is Chryzantema. Rozalia’s extended family were persecuted by the Nazis and some were murdered. As a child she lived an impoverished life and experienced prejudice and exclusion. Later as a young adult she came to the UK for a new life and a better future for her family.  

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